October 3, 2007


Australia has had a long history of taking immigrants from around the world and Priscilla slipped in to the luggage and came with us when Darryl and I returned from Europe in 2001. We met Priscilla in Goslar. Goslar is an attractive old town surrounded on three sides by spurs of the Harz Mountains. We found it enchanting and when we met Priscilla in a particularly beautiful part of the town she convinced us to adopt her and bring her home. It did not take much convincing because she is such a gorgeous crone. She kept us entertained with stories as we continued our journey and on the plane on the way home. She is a brilliant conversationalist and the life of any party.

Priscilla has lived here at Soul Food for six years now but she has itchy feet and yearns to see the world. We wondered about travelling together but I am not ready to leave Australian shores just yet so she is going to go and check things out for me and pave the way for my own Soul Food journey of the heart. I know you will all welcome her and have a wonderful time together. Priscilla will be travelling with an Australian passport and I know all hosts will make sure to keep her passport updated as she enters different countries and regions.





  1. Priscilla is already a woman of the world! What a fabulous place she hails from!

  2. one look at her face is enough to tell you she has a whole history behind her. I suspect she might be capable of getting up to mischief too …. and I look forward to meeting her at some point in the future

  3. The more I hear about Priscilla, the more eager I am to meet and entertain her. Is she flying in on a plane or on her broomstick? I think a plane will be much more comfortable for her. When she arrives at our Sky Harbor Airport, I will be there to meet her, so you much let me know when I can expect her. I’m sure she’ll have a ton of luggage because she will have been visiting other Foodies before arriving here. By the time she is ready to return to Australia, she’ll need a cargo plane to carry her loot.


  4. Oh, this Priscilla is an adventuress! L’Enchanteur better keep a few tricks to herself. That broom looks pretty flight worthy. Wonder where she will pack her goodies?

  5. Oh she’s fabulous! I can’t wait to meet her – it’s going to be such a long wait!
    I hope there’s some sunshine when she arrives to me…. we could go dolphin swimming in the bay??? hmmm must start on some bathers for her…..

  6. Priscilla may well need a cargo plane Vi, but since Priscilla is not up to carrying vast amounts of luggage some of her things will have to come home ahead of her. This is what my Greg is doing while he is in Vietnam. He is going to post things home so that his bags are lighter.

    Can’t you just imagine the exhibition when Priscilla has a welcome home party here at Soul Food headquarters and shows off the videos clips and ephemera she has gathered along the way. I can see it all in my minds eye 🙂

    I wouldn’t worry about Enchanteur Quinn. She is as cunning as can be. I am not sure if she will gift Priscilla one of her bags because the girl has to get on the road. It would take some time to assemble it but I daresay some soft hearted Foodies will assist her and make sure she has her anchor and all those things in a little bag slung over her arm. You are all so much better at this sort of thing, she says 🙂 See! E is as smooth as and never does lose her touch.

  7. Priscilla is going to have quite an adventure, I am sure. This is going to be great fun for all of us, not just for Priscilla!

  8. I am hoping to meet this old yet new mysterious lady.

  9. … O_O

    My birth name is Priscilla… holy crap! Apparently i’ve been to Australia… This is definitely a sign for me to go to Australia now!

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